Leather that is produced with responsibility towards the environment, society, and economy is said to be sustainable or ethical.

To ensure sustainability, a standard set of guidelines, called “Ethical Sourcing Practices”, is followed throughout the manufacturing and production processes.

commitment towards the
Planet. People. Profit.

Costs are saved while making sure the practices are fair to the planet and the people. Processes and technology that are futuristic and scalable are chosen.

The workers who are involved are provided with a safe work place and treated with fair wages and working hours.

Resources like land and water are also consumed cautiously in the process.

No animals are raised for the sole purpose of using their leather. Rather, the skins of animals that are raised for their meat, are putto use.

Measures that reflect our ethical promise to the fashion industry

We partner with LWG GOLD Certified tanneries who ensure

  • Reduced carbon, water, and waste footprints.
  • Limited use of chemicals like chrome and pesticides.
  • Negligible environmental impact on local agricultural practices.
  • Manufacturing processes designed with care for the health of those working and living in and around the sites.

We nurture our family of local artisans with care by

  • Employing local men and women and paying them equally.
  • Providing our artisans training, health-care benefits, pensions, and access to transportation.
  • Offering the children of our artisans competent education free-of-cost.
  • Investing in suppliers and projects that support local skills and community development.

We source and sell quality products at fair prices by

  • Regularly tracing our commodities to their sources to ensure optimal use of resources.
  • Always adhering to fair trade practices.
  • Leveraging technological advancements for more efficient, cost friendly processes.
  • Offering top quality fashion products at pocket-friendly prices.