Our Team
Our ethically driven workforce

Our workforce consists of over 600 skilled professionals who uphold the company’s commitment towards the environment, economy, and society. We closely monitor every process from sampling to shipment, therefore ensuring timely delivery of the finished garments.

our workforce is specially skilled at
Fashion Forecasting

Regularly bringing innovative designs to the table by staying abreast of fashion trends.

Effective Costing

Setting up effective costing plans with suppliers to offer our products at fair and competitive rates to clients.

Consistent Communication

Communicating with our clients on a daily basis to understand their needs thoroughly and address their queries.

Diligent Reporting

Sending weekly reports on production status, shipping information, sample development status, and other important information, to clients.

Thorough Quality Control

Ensuring top-quality products by partnering with some of the best tanneries that are audited for  Restricted Substances List (RSL) and are Leather Working Group (LWG) certified.